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Portable Steam Iron

Portable Steam Iron

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1. Two gears and 1 universal, small size and strong enough effect and hard enough quality.
2. Intelligent adjustment is available worldwide, according to the voltage intelligent adjustment, 100-240V compatible with the global voltage where to go where to use
3. Two-stage temperature adjustment for four seasons ironing, two-stage temperature adjustment, one gear is suitable for light clothing in spring and summer, and high-end is suitable for thick clothing in autumn and winter.
4. The ceramic panel is ironed quickly, ready to use │ high efficiency and energy-saving │ fast preheating
5. Hang ironing, shaping, flat ironing, and wrinkle removal, without an ironing board, can also be ironed easily, and different working modes can cope with various scenes.
6. High-temperature dry & wet ironing can be ironed and worn. Whether it is a spring/summer shirt, short-sleeved, or autumn/winter jacket, coat, it only takes a few minutes to instantly make your girl’s wardrobe full of vitality.
7. Sharp corner design, 360-degree ironing without dead corners, front and rear water chestnut design on the panel, easy to reach
8. Small size, lightweight and portable, lightweight design, about the size of an iPhone plus mobile phone can be put down in a portable backpack

Product Information:
Rated voltage: 220V 110V
Rated power: 33W
Rated frequency: 50H
Brand: Other
Color: dark green
Product specifications: European regulations, U.S. regulations


20.0 cm * 45.0 cm * 23.0 cm

Package Content
1* Ironing Machine

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